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ClickBid 10.1.220405 Release

Enhancements: Landing Page Content > Login/Register > Bidder Settings has moved to ‘Auction Settings’, right below ‘General Event Details’ and above ‘Butler Settings’ Allow Bidder

ClickBid 10.1.220321 Release

Ticket Purchase Confirmation Page updates. The ‘Top Message’ from ‘Customizable Content’ for the ticket page no longer shows on the confirmation page. A message ‘Your Transaction is

ClickBid 10.1.220309 Release

Enhancements:  Butler: Bidder tags can now be assigned or removed from a bidder record This is located in the edit bidder record under ‘add phone’. Click

ClickBid 10.1.220303 Release

Enhancements: Reports: Totals by Tag report has been added Select Tag type either Bidder Tag or Item Tag Select a date range (optional) Select All

ClickBid 10.1.220215 Release

Enhancements: Ticket Pages can now include more custom questions Event Tickets > Modify Tickets: add 1 custom question per each Individual Ticket, each Sponsorship, &

ClickBid 10.1.220203 Release

Enhancement: Butler > Checkout: Added the ability to include a donation amount during checkout Auction Settings>Payment: a new field was added for ‘Butler Bidder Checkout

ClickBid 10.1.220127 Release

Enhancements: Login: Added the ability to choose where to send the one-time login code if they don’t receive it the first time.How it looks now