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ClickBid 9.3.211203 Release

Enhancement: Bidding Site: When a bidder logs in to the bidding site, if they do not click “logout”, they will stay logged in for 7

ClickBid 9.3.211123 Release

Enhancements: Butler: Increased session time out to 4 hours. Bidding Site: Allow a browser plug-in screen reader (used by a physically blind bidder) to “see”

ClickBid 9.3.211105 Release

Enhancements:  On the Bidding Site, Quantity items: Now have the comma in amounts over $1,000 for the Auction Preview on the landing page and when

ClickBid 9.3.211022 Release

Enhancements: Merchant Report>Reconciled Transactions: “Refunds Total” was added under “For the selected date range” and the list was reordered. Butler Checkout: Email is no longer

ClickBid 9.3.211008 Release

Enhancements: Ticket page and auction items: if the FMV is updated after the sale, any reprinted or re-sent ticket purchase receipts & bidder receipts/statements will