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8.0.0611 released

Issues addressed: 1. If a landing page has the donation form embedded, the landing page is no longer scrolling to that section of the page

8.0.0610 released

Enhancements: 1. A new page called Chat Bidders was added to the Bidders menu in the admin (when Mass Messaging is licensed). This page is

8.0.0604 released

Issues addressed: 1. Using the Butler ‘Launch Livestream’ before Event Central > Live Broadcast no longer causes and error. 2. From the Butler Livestream page,

8.0.0603 released

Issues addressed: 1. When adding a silent item on manage items, you can once again specify a starting bid. 2. The live stream will now

7.6.0528 released

Issues addressed: 1. If a Text to Give donation was made and payment submitted, if the donor went back to their text messages and clicked

7.6.0515 released

Enhancements: 1. A ‘house’ icon was added to the bidding site menu bar when logged in. Clicking this button will take you to the landing

7.6.0511 released

Issues addressed: 1. Item categories are now being displayed on the archives auction sales page. 2. When logged in to the bidding site, clicking multiple

7.6.0508 released

Issues addressed: 1. Auction Preview is once again correctly showing “Current Bid” when an item has bids and “Starting Bid” when the item does not

7.6.0507 released

Enhancements: 1. Landing Page Auction Preview now loading larger numbers of items in sections instead of all at once. 2. Manage Donations page has been

7.6.0501 released

Enhancements: 1. View ticket sales now shows a column for cc fee. This column is included when downloading the CSV. We also added the ‘show/hide’