ClickBid Product Roadmap

Ever wonder what keeps our developers, quality assurance and product people busy? Take a peek at what’s in store for all our wonderful ClickBid organizations.

Think we are missing something?

All these features come from customer and partner feedback. Let us know today what we can do to help your event. 

In Progress Now

Loaded on our screens right now!

DONE! – Travelpledge item tag

When Travelpledge items are created in ClickBid via the integration, they will be marked with an item tag.

DONE! – Improved admin Welcome page
As we speak with charities, we have compiled a list of elements that we will be revising.

DONE! – Allow an organization to choose contact name on landing page
Allow an organizational admin the option to pick which contact info is displayed on the event landing page (virtual venue).

User Permissions upgrades

Identifying Organization Administrator(s)/add/remove, assigning users to new events, profile icon.

Event Sales report upgrades

Optionally Including ticket sales and online donations on this report

DONE! – Batch update for bidder numbers

This will allow a range of bidders to have their bidder numbers reassigned to a new range of numbers. 

DONE! – Filter and sort Pre-Composed Messages

Similar to other pages in the admin, this page will allow filtering and sorting by various columns.

Display of Landing Page on Landing Page Content

As the landing page is being configured, it is displayed on the same page so changes can be seen as they are being added.

Coming Soon

On deck.

Butler 2.0
Butler gets a facelift and many new features including merging bidders, multiple payment methods, QR code scanning for check-in, new search tools and a quick check-in feature.

Leaderboard and Appeal display upgrades

Leaderboard to show totals by tag & table, top 10 bids, top 10 winners. New graphics capabilities.  Appeal display capable of displaying multiple donation items.

BidKit custom mappings

Add a Data Mapping page and allow the user to indicate where all ClickBid data will be inserted on the CRM side.

Public API
Document and make available a public API for developers and integration with Zapier.

Charge fee Y/N in Batch Processing

Let an admin choose to charge fees when using the bulk-checkout feature.

Maintain CRM external id for bidders
When mass importing a donor list, allow for the import of an external id value. This value would be available during report exports so that it can easily be re-imported into a CRM.

Just a Bit Later

Users stories in progress.

Bidding Site Refresh
Updated look and employing upgraded technologies.

Item Packaging upgrades

Manage Donors will remember donors. Donated items can be added as new auction items. Adding a donated item to an auction item will add its description and FMV to the auction item and prompt for changes to starting and incremental bids.

Manage items improvements
Spreadsheet style editing of items

Landing page improvements
Edit size of banner image, focal point of images for mobile, title font size, video headers, subtitle font font size, cleaner formatting, easier preview (side-by-side).

Embedding ClickBid pages
Provide embed codes for third party sites. Allow third party embedding for auction preview, item donation form, ticket sales and register to bid. (Controlled with allowed domains.)

Item categories update
Allow multiple categories per item.

Enhanced processing
Add Google Pay/Apple Pay to bidder self-checkout, ticket page, online donations.

Quantity items on ticket pages
Ability to sell quantity items on the ticket page.

Enhanced reporting on support tickets
Track if tickets are opened and list them inside ClickBid (with status).

Auction item improvements
Suggest starting and incremental bids based on FMV

Allow links to sponsor pages.

This is a non-exhaustive list of features and is subject to change.

Recently Completed

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ClickBid 10.2.220504 Release

Enhancements: User Permissions added a ‘Resend Email’ Button in case the user didn’t receive their access setup email the first time. Reports>Bidder Statements added Item

ClickBid 10.2.220418 Release

Enhancements: Event Tickets > Modify tickets: added the ability to add a discount code for Sponsorships. Added Fields for Discount Codes and Discount Prices under

ClickBid 10.2.220414 Release

Enhancements: Items > Thank You Letters: updated the ‘Thank You Letters’ to Item Donors Added 5 new shortcodes: [date]-Display the current date [donor_display_name]-Show the Donor

ClickBid 10.1.220405 Release

Enhancements: Landing Page Content > Login/Register > Bidder Settings has moved to ‘Auction Settings’, right below ‘General Event Details’ and above ‘Butler Settings’ Allow Bidder

ClickBid 10.1.220321 Release

Ticket Purchase Confirmation Page updates. The ‘Top Message’ from ‘Customizable Content’ for the ticket page no longer shows on the confirmation page. A message ‘Your Transaction is

ClickBid 10.1.220309 Release

Enhancements:  Butler: Bidder tags can now be assigned or removed from a bidder record This is located in the edit bidder record under ‘add phone’. Click

ClickBid 10.1.220303 Release

Enhancements: Reports: Totals by Tag report has been added Select Tag type either Bidder Tag or Item Tag Select a date range (optional) Select All

ClickBid 10.1.220215 Release

Enhancements: Ticket Pages can now include more custom questions Event Tickets > Modify Tickets: add 1 custom question per each Individual Ticket, each Sponsorship, &