Mobile Live Auction – Rapid-fire
Raise-the-Paddle Mobile Auction System


Some events only wish to conduct a Raise-The-Paddle event. With the right auctioneer/mc, mood and the right call-to-action, a lot of money can be raised.

Keep Your Bidders Entertained With ClickBids Mobile Live Auction Software

ClickBid has an incredibly simple solution to help guests see the excitement on screen with our Real-time Total Indicator. Simply, it is a real-time donation total on top of full-screen slides of your cause. As your auctioneer/mc calls off paddles, a volunteer uses our “rapid-fire” keypad to “feed” data into the total calculator. Imagine a room full of people watching and cheering a number as it reaches and surpasses the goal! You can also display a goal and thermometer.

Once the giving is complete, volunteer spotters compare actual bidder paddles and enter actual donations into ClickBid. The best part? Guests can make their donation payments right from their phones before the event is over. No more chasing down payments. Of course, Raise-The-Paddle can also be used alongside a silent and/or live auction with ease.

ClickBid Mobile Bidding offers a premier raise-the-paddle mobile auction platform for your next mobile charity auction