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Raise-The-Paddle Only Events

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In the past year I have seen something amazing. More and more charities are making significant dollars during a raise the paddle portion of their charity event. Many times it’s more money than the silent or live portion. Sometimes it is more than both combined.

“There are several key traits that successful raise the paddle events’ share.”
Raise the Paddle

First, have a professional support the raise the paddle. An auctioneer or someone who can read a crowd can make or break the momentum. After all, you are building a room full’ of excitement and you need a pro to help guide your audience to the point of giving and giving a lot. Second, and this might seem strange coming from a mobile bidding company, putting a paddle or card in the air is key. I go back to the point about momentum and excitement. There’s a gratifying feeling knowing that you are contributing to the greater good. We have seen success with mobile giving but typically that is best used at the lower amounts or for anonymous giving. Lastly, a tangible use for the money is key. General funding falls short because the vision isn’t clear in the mind of the giver. We can’t build our new school for our children unless we raise $200,000 in the next 20 minutes is a huge motivator.

Appeal Display
Projected Appeal Display

At ClickBid, we want to help take the raise the paddle over the top. So we partnered with an auctioneer (Lamoreaux Auction & Appraisal LLC.) who understands the need for energy and excitement to help us build’ a turnkey’ solution. First, we use our ClickBid Butler application to securely check guests in and capture payment data. This is critical. Since a raise the paddle’ is intangible to your guests, if you don’t capture a payment method up front, many donations will walk out the door without settling up. This leaves your organization chasing down commitments after the event. Better to capture cards up front with our PCI compliant system.

Alternate Appeal Display
Alternate Appeal Display

Once guests are checked in we provide you with a real-time projectable display that shows your raise the paddle’ total over your own full screen image backgrounds. The real-time display is updated by a staff member or volunteer as the auctioneer/mc reads off paddle numbers. We provide a keypad interface that is a single tap entry so you can keep up with the momentum as it happens.

ClickBid Butler Keypad
Rapid Fire Keypad

While the staff member/volunteer taps away and updates the display board, several other volunteers/staff are positioned around the room as spotters. They record, on paper, all the donations and proper paddle numbers. Multiple spotters means multiple layers of accuracy so you don’t miss a donation and more importantly, don’t accidentally charge a guest who didn’t give. Once the appeal is complete, the staff/volunteer who ran the display keypad can cross reference the spotter’s entries and then confidently enter the actual data.

Before you checkout your guests and while they are still in attendance you can quickly see if anyone has a donation that may not have a credit card on file. This allows a spotter to collect that information before the guest leaves. They can use the ClickBid Butler application just like they did during check-in.

All that’s left at this point is to process the donations in bulk. You will see any declines as they occur and you still have time to correct them before guests leave. The goal is to have your payments complete and resolved before the program is over and guests depart. At the end of the night you can go home knowing the money is collected and payments are complete.

This isn’t even the best part. You can do all this for $500 with ClickBid. We can show you how to run your raise the paddle’ and even setup a trial run so you can walk through it all and be ready to go for the event. To learn more, contact our accounts team today…

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