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Reaching for the Stars

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Recently, we had a client ask us to help them develop a new type of “mobile bidding” site. In full disclosure we had built an original version of this’ site 3 years ago as the first real beta. The concept? Find local personalities and pair them with members of a local parish and have a dancing competition where guests “vote” instead of bid.

What did we developed?’ Dancing For Our Future Stars – a ClickBid mobile bidding hybrid that is live from now until the event in March. Guests from the local parish or anywhere in the US can setup an account and start voting similar to the popular Dancing with the Stars concept. We list a live scroll of donors and rankings so dancing couples can promote their team and raise more money. It all culminates with a live event where the magic of dancing spurs a final push to raise as much as possible for Independence Mission Schools and launch a local couple to stardom.

It was a fun experience making this event a reality and even more fun working with some creative minds to build this model that can hopefully be replicated for other charities around the country. It can certainly break up the annual fundraiser cycle while generating as much or more money.

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