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Release ClickBid 8.5.210329

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  1.  For the TravelPledge interface, if the event date is changed in the ClickBid Admin and they are using TravelPledge, the Event date will get updated in TravelPledge as well.  Note that items cannot be added in TravelPledge if the event date is more than 6 months away.


  1. TravelPledge   
    • When a secondary event is created in ClickBid, the linked TravelPledge items will stay with the correct Travelpledge event. When ClickBid users pull in new items from TravelPledge, those will be linked with the active ClickBid event. 
    • Once an event in ClickBid and TravelPledge is over, if the ClickBid client does a second chance auction, the TravelPledge items are no longer available for that 2nd chance auction. The event date is not able to be updated on the Travelpledge side once the items close for the main event. They would need to create a second event in TravelPledge and select the items again.

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