ClickBid – Release Notes 7.5


  1. Kiosk mode for the bidding site – you will be able to go to, log in with a keyword and it will launch the bidding site in ‘kiosk’ mode. This means that after a bidder logs in, the system monitors for inactivity. After 25 seconds of continuous inactivity, it will ask ‘are you still there’, and after another 15 seconds of no response the bidder is logged out. There is also a floating logout button that the user can click at any time to log out. If using this feature with an iPad, the minimum required iOS is 11. The login page indicates this and the current version of OS being used. Laptops and Android tablets have no known limitations.
  2. Multiple improvements for Text to Give/Online Donation (TTG/OD) events – the appeal display has two upgrades here and the donation pages have been redesigned as well. The appeal display now allows for TTG/OD only to be displayed and this can include donor names. If the appeal display is configured to show donations for a given donation item and TTG/OD have been selected to be displayed as well, donor names from TTG/OD can also be displayed. The TTG/OD mobile flow has been shortened to 2 pages, where the amount, phone, first and last names are entered on the first page (amount and phone defaulted for TTG), and address and payment on the second page. Address fields are not required, can be hidden with customer CSS, or can be required with custom javascript.
  3. We are implementing an API with Avalara to assist us in tracking sales by state and determining if/when we need to collect sales tax for a given software or swiper purchase by a client. The impact can be seen on the signup page, Account Status, Renewal and the swiper purchase page. We now ask if the organization is tax exempt and also ask for their EIN(US)/BN(CAN) when a purchase is made. If tax is required to be paid, it will be displayed in a popup window before the transaction is completed. If the transaction is completed, it will also appear on the invoice or purchase receipt.
  4. Remove a bidder’s credit card – on the Manage Bidders page in the admin, you can now remove a credit card on file. If the card is removed while the bidder is in the process of checking out, and the card has been removed before checkout is completed, the checkout will receive an error message and need to apply a new form of payment.
  5. Ticket page purchase receipts will now include the account settings contact info for the organization.
  6. Archived ticket sales can now have receipts generated in the archive, similar to bidder statements.
  7. On the Manage Items grid view, the buy now field is now only editable for ‘Silent’ items.
  8. Messaging – to optimize performance of these pages, the ‘Sent To’ lists are now only generated when the button is clicked.
  9. Uploading of various admin images like backgrounds – these images are now being scaled so that a large original image, say 8MB, is now stored and loaded as a scaled down version for better page loading performance.
  10. If ‘Company’ was entered during a ticket purchase, it is now included in the ‘Download Ticket Sales’ and CSV downloads on View Ticket Sales.
Issues addressed

  1. Bidding site phone/email validation – if the bidder was logged in with a password and had access to change their phone and email, it is no longer possible to leave these fields blank.
  2. Manage Items auto save – clicking into and out of (and not changing the value of) the closing time field will no longer trigger an auto save of the data in that field.
  3. Manage Bidders auto save – clicking into and out of (and not changing the value of) the postal code and state/province fields will no longer trigger an auto save of the date in those fields.
  4. In the archive records, a bidder statement generated for a bidder that used a credit card and ClickBid processing will now show the correct merchant account holder data in the footer of the receipt based on the country of the event.


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