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Setup a Mock Auction

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At ClickBid we want you to be fully prepared for mobile bidding. Chances are you have run paper auctions or’ even tried electronic auction software. In either case, we don’t want to make any assumptions about your mobile bidding comfort level.

Therefore, we suggest that you take a half dozen of your friends, co-workers and/or committee members and run a 1 or 2 day mock auction. Setup 5-7 items of varying types with closing times set for a few days from now. Then, invite those friends and colleagues to sign up and bid on some items, make a few donations, etc. Once the auction closes you’ll be able to run reports and see how mobile bidding helps you close out and track your auction totals.

Having a mobile bidding auction under your belt, you can make adjustments and feel confident that you’re prepared to raise more money while getting a good night’s sleep before your auction. To us, it’s all about feeling like mobile bidding fits your needs without disrupting your workflow.

Coming Soon – A video tutorial on setting up a mock auction.

Mock Auction Steps

1. Sign up for our 30 day demo.
2. Log into your account and head to “Software Settings > Event Settings” to edit your event.
3. Go to’ “Software Settings > Mobile App Settings” and allow guests to sign up online.
4. Add a few silent and donation based items under “Items > Add Item”.
5. Be sure your event date has passed and your auction items are open with future closing dates.
6. Head to your event site URL (myevent.cbo.io) to make sure your account is active.
7. Send your event site URL (myevent.cbo.io) to a few friends/colleagues to sign up and bid.
8. Use your In-Event Dashboard to see real-time activity.
9. Once the auction closes, check your guests out (caution, credit cards work in demo mode).

That’s all there is to it. Once you activate your account, we’ll have our customer service team set up a 1 hour webinar to personally walk you through your account so you don’t miss any details. If you still feel that a dedicated customer advisor is what you need, you can add that right from your admin under “Account > Account Status”. At that point, our customer service team will personally walk with you through the event until the last checkout has been processed. We want the right fit for your needs without having to overcharge’ for features you don’t need.

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