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A Small Change That Makes a Difference

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Curved shower rod
Where am I going with this article?

Innovation isn’t always preceded by a loud announcement or followed with slots of airtime on the news. Sometimes it’s small changes, the ones that tip-toe quietly into our daily routines, that make the most difference. I’ve always been interested in technology and design, so I purposefully look for those little revisions that seem to be everywhere overnight without anyone ever noticing. While it may sound silly, the most recent example I’ve seen of this is the curved shower rods in hotels. For years, you’d go to a hotel and the shower seemed like more of an afterthought. The curtain held up by a straight, spring-loaded rod that was cheap and served its purpose. But somewhere, someone thought to make a tiny tweak. Curving the rod doesn’t take much more work, but it’s far more practical, easy to use, and even more sanitary. This relates in many ways to silent auction software.

Silent Auction Software: From Paper to Computer

This piece wasn’t written to talk about hotels or shower rods. But instead, to comment on technology, innovation, and the growth silent auction software has seen in recent years. When ClickBid was founded, the initial idea was moving from paper to computer. This change represented a shift in opportunity. Instead of standing in one place, in front of one item, you could bid from multiple locations on multiple items. It was revolutionary, and it was just the beginning.

All The Difference

Within two hours, 650 bidders placed more than 2,200 bids.
Fast forward 15 years. We recently had an event that took place in the middle of the day. Within two hours, 650 bidders placed more than 2,200 bids. That’s a remarkable testimony and something that would have been’  impossible under a traditional bidding format. Of course, we’ve replaced desktop computers and miles of cable for smartphones and tablets. Mobile bidding is providing a platform that can handle the levels of action and donations that your donors are looking to give. In the end, this is all we aim to do: to supply you with the tools to achieve your vision.

I still look for those small design changes and innovations here and there. The truth is I have a whole list of favorite examples. This week, shower rods were definitely added to that list, but one item has remained at the top of the’ list for well over a decade now. And it’s because there are innovations that provide convenience, and there are those that do something so much more. Silent auction software is my passion because it’s more than an example of good design or easy use. It’s a facilitator of change, for our organizations and for the causes we’re all tackling together.

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