ClickBid 10.2.220511 Release

Enhancements: Reports> Bids by Category added a column for the amount by category. Bids by Category report Bidder login: when the bidder has more than one phone/email address on file, they will be given the option ‘Select where your one-time login code should be sent:’ When a bidder has more than one phone/email and they […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.4

Enhancements Text to Register – USA events can now text their keyword to 56651 and the response will include a link to use to register for a bidder number (if the register to bid feature is enabled and the event date has not passed). The message also allows the user to reply with a donation […]

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.12

Enhancements Ticket Sales Check Paid  and Check Unpaid  have been added as payment types for ticket sales. A ticket purchase made by selecting check as the payment type will automatically be recorded as Check Unpaid. A ticket sale can be marked Check Paid by clicking the ‘i’ icon to display the purchase info […]