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The heart of the issue

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We have been in the business of not-for-profit fundraising and marketing for a long time. We’ve worked with organizations that operate from a living room to organizations with offices in all the major US cities (and around the world). At every level we’ve found something similar to every organization, maximizing value and putting as many dollars as possible into the cause.

As a long-time vendor of website design, video production and print advertisements and now with ClickBid, we have worked hard to give our non-profit friends the best deals possible. That’s why you’ll see our rates are lower than many of our competitors. Why? We see value in relationships rather than a thick bottom line. We’re ok with growing slowly if it helps our clients get more money into their cause. Because when we read the Twitter updates and blog posts of how our clients have helped their communities, it feels incredible.

So we’re looking forward to our new relationships and continuing to build the ones we already have. It’s always been nice to have friends and it’s great knowing we help organizations do good.

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