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Using Your Event Landing Page Year Round

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Visit any art museum and you’ll find that closely inspecting a famous painting, with your eyes an inch from the canvas, isn’t very rewarding. Each individual brush stroke is valuable, but mainly what we admire is the ability to take a step back and see how the artist has created a grander image. While I realize art and business fall on different ends of the spectrum there remains a common principle here: maximize the impact of your individual actions and projects so that they fit into a greater goal.

No one knows the story of your organization better than you. Decide that your donors truly deserve to hear it as well as know their unique place in it.

Easily one of the most overlooked areas for this unique opportunity is your event landing page. Where silent auction software and mobile bidding technology have enhanced the experience of modern charity auctions, a landing page seeks to set a foundation for them to rest on. We want to look at how you can use this often dismissed tool to not only more effectively promote your event, but also your organization as a whole.

An Organized Approach

ClickBid Landing PageThe most obvious purpose of your landing page is to promote your event. So naturally, it’s very important to create your page on a timeline that allows it to do so. We recommend that you start your landing page and begin uploading content about a month and a half to two months before the event. This will allow you the time necessary to sell tickets on an effective schedule as well as build up promotional information in anticipation. Providing your guests the courtesy of being able to read who is speaking, sponsors, the band performing, and previews of auction items, are all examples of content that will help propel your event.

Remember that with this wealth of information, keeping your page organized and user-friendly should be a prime focus. Work towards constructing your page in sections such as event information, sponsors, tickets, pictures and media, etc. This will ensure potential attendants are able to find the information they need as well as make your page easy to share with others.

While the practices we’ve covered will apply regardless of which event landing page you use, it’s also a service we proudly offer here at ClickBid. We hold ourselves to a firm standard on each the key aspects we’ve discussed and are happy help you achieve them.

Boosting Your Internet Presence

Landing Page SponsorsIf used correctly, a landing page has the potential to massively strengthen the search engine optimization of your organization’s main website. This is possible by utilizing the unique nature of backlinks. Think of a backlink as being similar to a reference or a citation. Anytime that a link to your website appears on another page on the internet, it increases your site’s visibility and optimization on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now, we absolutely recommend contacting your event sponsors about posting links to your website because of this, but as you may have figured out by now, the beautiful thing is that you can use your landing page to do this on your own.

By posting these website links on your landing page, you’re not only providing helpful information to the attendees but at the same time optimizing your site’s relevance. I must warn you to be careful that you do not to miss this win-win scenario. Ensure that the landing page service you choose actually counts any links used as backlinks. While it’s a feature we’ve incorporated at ClickBid, it’s one that isn’t offered by all services.

Now, understand that there isn’t necessarily a right and wrong way to use backlinks. However, I believe it’s safe to argue that there is definitely a right and less right.  First, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your landing page. Maintain your landing page year round and consistently add on new sections for your events as necessary. If you then include links on each of these pages, you can quickly amount to four or five different landing page sections that all count as backlinks to your website.

Lastly, we recommend including your organization’s name within each of the links. For example, if you had the phrase, You can read about this more on ClickBid’s main website,  it is most effective to make the entire sentence the link. Rest assured, even if you’re not a techie  this can be accomplished by simply using your browser or document software’s hyperlink feature. Coupling backlinks with a strategy to post relevant information as well as highlight how it relates back to your organization will quickly prove a formidable tool.

Telling the Story of Your Charity

ClickBid Landing PageOur strongest recommendation for utilizing your event landing page year round is to remain mindful of post-event content. The easiest mistake is to pour energy and attention into your landing page leading up to the event, but forget the importance of updating it. Guests that attended as well as potential guests for future events will directly benefit from hearing the story of your charity. Consider this, what information is valuable to your donors? Explaining where proceeds from the charity auction are going, posting testimonials from attendees, uploading a photo gallery, and giving special thanks, are all practices that help impact and highlight what your guests were able to be a part of. Mobile bidding software and silent auction software in general, have built their success connecting guests to each other and the charity as a whole. Your event page has all of the pieces to replicate this same trait.

Think of your main organization website as delivering a broad, big picture vision. On the other hand, your landing page should be very specific. It should create awareness by building a community for your donors to know exactly what was accomplished. How did this specific event your guest attended fit into your charity’s overarching story? You can even go so far as to recognize specific purchases from donors and explaining what was achieved through their bid.

This will leave your current client base looking forward to the next event and inspire others from the opportunity to join. No one knows the story of your organization better than you. Decide that your donors truly deserve to hear it as well as know their unique place in it. And just as your landing page should act as an individual piece towards creating a greater image, allow your clients to know they are doing the same.


1. Stay Organized and Accommodating
2. Utilize Backlinks
3. Think About the Before and After Of Your Event

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