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Web 2.0 For Your Event

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So what can web 2.0 do for your silent auction? Good question. Web 2.0 means a lot of things to a lot of people but for me I like to think of it as a personal assistant gathering data about others and other things around me. For example, Facebook is commonly referred to as a web 2.0 site. According to my analogy you would say that Facebook is my personal assistant gathering data on my friends and their activities, activism and social trends and bundling it into easy to digest bits. But it also allows me to add to the data gathering by submitting my information, updates and so on.

Enter ClickBid. Traditionally, silent auctions are a way to entice guests to spend money on valuable donated items to raise money for an organization. While ClickBid maintains that basic premise, it adds that personal assistant to your organization. ClickBid gathers donor information, bidding data, bidding trends and checkout information into a single place where you can view it at your leisure. You don’t have to manually collect bidding information, tally results and so on just to find out what items were hot and what items you should avoid next year. Let’s face it, if you have to spend valuable time after your event building spreadsheets on bidding activity it most likely won’t get done. There’s endless other responsibilities to handle. But ClickBid does this for you – just like your own personal assistant. So now, it actually gets done and all you have to do is browse through the reports.

So, in the end, ClickBid brings you information that you’ve never had time to gather before. You’ll know that the office chair you got from the office supply store had 15 bids so you’d better try and get 2 next year. Bidding was really slow for the first hour of your auction so it would be wise to get your MC to talk up your items early. And most of your guests checked out within 15 minutes of the event closing so perhaps you should set up more staggered closing times to even that out. Really, ClickBid doesn’t just prove it’s value by increasing bidding amounts, it also adds another staff member to help you make wise decisions in the future. Web 2.0, delivered.

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