Why a Benefit Auctioneer is Important for your Next Fundraiser

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Anyone who has been involved in organizing a fundraising event knows how difficult it can be to manage the event without a benefit auctioneer. Many people shy away from donating money because they aren’t engaged with the event. 

A benefit auctioneer is an excellent way to turbocharge your event and make your donors feel a part of your organization’s mission. Whether you’re holding your auction in person or virtually, a benefit auctioneer will get people excited about bidding and creating value for the cause, in addition to adding more profit to your event. 

What is a Benefit Auctioneer?

A benefit auctioneer is the emcee of your fundraising event and it’s their job to transform a standard auction into a spectacular event. 

During your event the auction is a part-time host, part-time entertainer, and part-time salesperson — all at the same time.

This person will help people become familiar with and excited about participating in the event itself and about the items they’ll be bidding on. 

A certified benefit auctioneer is recognized by the National Auctioneer’s Association as a highly trained professional, although there are only a handful of people with this designation in the world.

How is a Benefit Auctioneer Different from Other Auctioneers?

There are many types of auctioneering specialties including automotive, arts, antiques, and even livestock — each one of them maintaining a depth of knowledge in their area. 

But even then, a benefit auctioneer has one key difference from all the others. They take an event-centered approach instead of an item-centered approach. 

Most auctioneers try their best to sell each item for as much money as they can. But a benefit auctioneer understands that your organization’s cause is much more important than a single item. They try to raise as much money from the entire event as possible. 

Why You Need a Benefit Auctioneer for Your Next Event

A benefit auctioneer is the single most important person at your event. 

There are many reasons why a tax-deductible fundraising event, like a silent auction, would benefit from the inclusion of a benefit auctioneer. 

Here are 4 of the main reasons: 

  1. Live Auctioneers Bring Energy to Your Event

Outside of a regular live auction, a benefit auctioneer brings the fun. It’s their charisma and personality that sets the tone for the whole event. It can either be energetic and engaging, or slow and boring. The more motivated your bidders are, the more money you raise!

  1. Live Auctioneers Help You Raise More Money

According to the National Auctioneers Association, a benefit auctioneer can help you raise tens of thousands of dollars more than if they weren’t there. That’s because their experience makes it easy for them to read the room and know precisely the right time to sell an item and how to entice people to bid higher. 

  1. Live Auctioneers Set the Ideal Pace

Some events can feel like they take forever. It’s important to set the correct pace. This is hard to do because every event is unique. A live auctioneer knows just how to set the pace early and adjust it as the event progresses, making sure every donor stays engaged.

  1. Live Auctioneers are the Ultimate Support System

If you’re a new 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization holding its first fundraising event, you want to make sure your event is successful but it can be hard to know how to do it. There may not be any established donors in the community yet, or they may not have heard of the organization either. An experienced benefit auctioneer knows just what to do — before, during, and after the event. They’re an amazing resource to have if you’re looking for fresh ideas or feel unsure of what to do. They’re also the face of the event, and as such, they can be a helpful resource for your guests as well.

  1. Live Auctioneers Help Ensure Guests Leave Happy

Even before the event, your benefit auctioneer is mingling with guests and building rapport. This helps increase fundraising at an event by getting people excited about being there and participating. But they’re learning about their motivations and planning out their strategy on how they can help you raise more money at your event. 

Do you Still Need an Auctioneer for an Online Event?

In short, yes. While an online silent auction is not the same as an in-person silent auction, a benefit auctioneer is still beneficial because it humanizes the event experience. It gives your donors someone to look to for direction and your auctioneers can still engage with your audience if they’re using an event management platform.

How to Find a Benefit Auctioneer for Your Next Event

There are several ways to find a benefit auctioneer for your next event. First, you can search for benefit auctioneers who are local to your area. 

You can also contact your local chamber of commerce or community center to see if they know of any benefit auctioneers in your area. 

If you don’t find any benefit auctioneers in your area, you can also visit our partner Murad Auction’s website. As Professional Charity Auctioneers, they do much more than just show up the night of the event and “call the auction.” Their job is to engineer your live auction, bring new ideas and procedures to your organization, increase efficiency, and educate you on new technology and creative ways to increase revenue. This keeps your donors excited and happily giving their funds in support of your worthy cause.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re an experienced organization or running your first event, hiring a benefit auctioneer is always a smart move. 

They are an excellent way to turbocharge your event and make your donors feel a part of your organization’s mission. 

Benefit auctioneers have seen a number of successful events and also know different strategies to avoid. 

Their experience, energy, and network will not only help you streamline the experience as a whole but help you raise more money at your event.


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