Wireless Connectivity

ClickBid is a web-based system; typically the guests at ClickBid events are using their own Smartphone to access the internet over their cellular data connection. To have a successful ClickBid event, you should check with your venue to determine the levels of cell signal for the major carriers in your area. However, cellular data is not the only option!

ClickBid can also be accessed via a Wi-Fi network by those same Smartphones that your guests are already carrying. So if their cell service is not performing well for them, connecting via Wi-Fi can be a great alternative. Again, this is a conversation to have with your venue; ClickBid sales or technical staff can offer guidance and participate in the conversation as well.

In some cases, a Wi-Fi network is needed and ClickBid can supply Wi-Fi equipment to be used with an existing internet connection. ClickBid sales or technical staff can assist with planning this aspect should the need arise. ClickBid’s Wi-Fi equipment is an optional service that can be added to your event package at additional cost. Contact us to learn more!