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Why ClickBid Mobile Bidding at your Silent Auction?

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ClickBid is an enjoyable mobile bidding and year-long fundraising experience. Our 1-to-1 support means always getting quick and experienced answers. Go from check-in to the final payment with the most intuitive auction software available. And run a better auction.

More than 15 years of paperless nonprofit event auctions have demonstrated one thing: We raise more money than traditional auctions and have more experience than any other provider. Contact us to learn more.

Helping silent auction customers run successful mobile bidding events.

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Seamless integration from ClickBid to Donor Management Systems

Go Big With A Full Suite of Tools

ClickBid Ticket Sales
Pre-Event Landing Page and Ticket Sales

Sell tickets, promote your event and preview your auction with our best-in-class and fully responsive landing pages. View preview…

ClickBid Mobile Bidding
Fundraising auction/Online Mobile Bidding Account

Your very own annual mobile bidding silent auction software platform. It’s fast, easy and proven to raise more money.

ClickBid Ticket Sales
Raise the Paddle Audience Engagement System

Gather more donations and excite your guests with real-time donation totals on the big screen!

ClickBid Text To Give
Year-long Text-to-Give/Facebook/Website Donation Campaign

Use our platform all year to raise money before and after your auction.

A Powerful Set of Features to Raise More!

 Performance Fee? Never.

Take control of your profits with our flat fee pricing.

 All the Bells & Whistles.

To help you pull off a seamless event, we provide online ticket sales, a pre-event promotional web site, credit card processing, and text and email messaging.

 Need a Silent Auction Yesterday?

If you’re ever in a pinch, we’ve been known to set up mobile bidding events in under 24 hours.

 Easy Credit Processing.

No merchant account? ClickBid processing is yours with the click of a button.

 Top-Notch Managed Training.

We dedicate a ClickBid representative to your account to personally train you to use the software. You’ll love how easy it is and the confidence it brings.

 No Waiting Around.

Pre-check-in and self-checkout will have your guests breezing in and out of your auction.

 Raising the Bar.

We offer “raise-the-paddle” donations with projected on-screen goals, progress, and thank-yous. Donors can contribute right from their smartphone.

Don’t just take our word. Take theirs!

"We loved ClickBid.The product was intuitive and easy to use and the customer service was superior. I wish all products worked this easily and had the support of ClickBid. We had a goal of raising $40,000 at our event and were able to raise $120,000!"

Vintage Hills Elementary

"The staff was very responsive and "above and beyond" helpful. Bidders were able to easily sign up, bid and check themselves out at the end of the night and while support was on standby we didn't need to contact them once during the event. Great application with built in and intuitive features that allowed us to focus on the event!"

Open Heart Magic

"ClickBid is easy to use and affordable. We used it for our live and silent auction. Loved the support via email leading up to the event, and the phone support night-of. All our guests raved about how this is the first time they have been able to figure out an online auction."

City Year Little Rock

"From the beginning ClickBid's customer service was excellent, they understood that we were new and they always had a solution for all of our issues. We were able to open the silent auction 3 days earlier which created a lot of buzz. We were able to achieve over 106% of the market value of the donated items."

DTE Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet. We send real-time outbid notices via text to ensure reliable delivery. We are also adding “shortcode failover” support for those guests who do not receive messages from our dedicated shortcode. For guests who do not have a smartphone, volunteers can easily lookup a guest and help them track their bids. We also support Max Bidding to let guests “set it and forget it”. These are bids that our system will increase as others bid against them. Lastly, we have a projectable leaderboard display that rotates auction item high bids so guests can browse the activity and be reminded to keep bidding.

The vast majority of your guests will use their phones for the entire mobile bidding process. That includes pre-event check-in, bidding, payment and check-out. Those guests who do not have a mobile device can seek assistance from a volunteer using our painless ClickBid Butler event tool. By encouraging pre-event check-in (think 24 hour early check-in for airlines), your guests arrive at your event ready to bid.

Yes it is. Our entire application lives on a private network isolated in the cloud from any other infrastructure. Tight access policies manage requests in and out. We protect against OWASP Top 10 threats.

Regarding guest’s credit card data, we adhere to the latest PCI standards and leverage the latest technology to protect payment data. All payment data is encrypted and passed directly to our third party PCI compliant partners for the safest possible transfer (using “hosted fields” technology). This helps avoid a common man-in-the-middle threat that can siphon data as it passes through non-compliant networks. When picking a mobile bidding platform to handle your payments, this is a critical piece of securing your guest’s credit cards.

Every account holder at ClickBid is assigned a customer service representative. Our initial license comes with an event planning webinar meeting and continual email support. Your representative will stay in touch and review your event to help you avoid pitfalls. They will also provide best practices on silent auction events using mobile bidding. If you need more assistance, you can add on phone and priority support to get even more from your managed support representative.

It is also important to note that your event always comes with event day phone support. If you have questions, we are there to pick up the phone and answer them.

Well, we can’t speak for every silent auction software company but ClickBid is just $500. An entire event with managed support for only $500. There are no limits to bidders, items, totals and payments either. Signup is easy and can be done online.

You can also pick and choose to add on features specific to your needs such as ticket and landing pages, mass messaging and higher levels of support. However, everything you need to run a top end auction is included in our flat license fee. Our rule of thumb is to use last year’s auction total, add 20% (typically it is much higher with mobile bidding but we try to be very conservative) and then subtract $500. That is what you can expect to increase your auction totals in the first year!

Mobile bidding is the process of bidding on auction items, multi-sale, blind items and raffle items from your mobile device. Mobile bidding replaces traditional paper auctions by providing easy-to-use bidding from electronic devices. This vastly improves your auction totals because guests can bid from anywhere without standing in line or fighting for position at the final minute.

You can also benefit from pre-bidding (which has helped gather as much as 40% of your auction goal before the event) and remote bidding for guests who cannot attend.

Bid hello to a better silent auction.

Want to know more about fundraising auctions? Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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Reliable mobile bidding with over 14 years of service!

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