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Charities use ClickBid to raise more and delight donors. The seamless experience of ticket sales, event promotion, online/in-person bidding, live auction, fund-a-need and real-time video broadcasting makes ClickBid your single solution.

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James C.
James C.
June 10, 2022.
ClickBid software vastly improved our auction management We used to meet in person (175 prople in for dinner and auction) and have to set up all auction items on tables with bid sheetsfor people to write their bid on. Then close and checkout which was all manual. We could not meet in person in 2021 due to Covid, so turned to ClickBid as an option. Were skeptical and concerned that our base of bidders would not want to register. But to the contrary, they embraced it and we had bidders who had never attended an in-person event bidding. Bottom line, more bidders - more bids placed - and higher average realized value for items. A big win for us! ☺Covers all the bases of what is needed to set up the auction (including tutorials), and then checkout ☹Can't really think of anything at this time.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
June 9, 2022.
Easy Enough to Use! Overall, I had a decent experience! It would be nice if certain features were more simple to navigate, but I think it is just a platform that you need to have experience on. As a first-time user, it was easy enough! ☺I liked that all of the featured were mobile and it easily integrated to our website! The chat feature was nice to have as well. ☹There were several features that were difficult to navigate. It would be nice if everything that was needed was in the same place. Event Central does a decent job of this, but in a high stress situation where several items are closing at the same time, there seems to be no way to avoid the clutter and confusion. Sometimes the questions I asked in chat were not really answered - I just kind of got an answer for a different question. I also was worried that our account rep was gone during our event.
Julie G.
Julie G.
June 9, 2022.
Clickbid saves the day Fantastic experience. Don't know how we would have managed without it. ☺We loved that Clickbid was easy to use, seamlessly connected in both directions with Raiser's Edge, and that our guests and volunteers both gave great positive feedback about using the platform for paperless transactions and receipts ☹I think it was just the first time using it, there are some things about pre-event set up that I missed but I will be aware of next time
Teresa K.
Teresa K.
June 9, 2022.
Great Product - Makes conducting an online auction much easier. I have only used this program for 1 event we were holding, but it has taken the fear out of preparing for the next event. ☺I love the Butler, the texting ability, the ease of customizing and the email support/phone support. The person assigned to assist us with our event responded very quickly with answers to ANY question I had. The phone call training was VERY helpful. This alone is reason for a 5-Star rating. I also feel that the program is fairly intuitive in such that I can kind of guess how to figure something out, but if not, I know that they will respond ASAP with the answer. Thanks so much for taking the fear out of holding an auction. I supported every step of the way. ☹I can honestly say that I can't think of anything that I didn't like about this software.
Paul H.
Paul H.
June 9, 2022.
Second year of success with this platform Amazingly responsive customer support line, who really take the time to understand what we're trying to get done. ☺It was fun receiving instant texts on your phone when being outbid. Made the silent auction a week-long interactive game for our community. The live auction function allowed people not even in town to bid aggressively against the people in the room, which made for a fun atmosphere (and more dollars raised...) Appreciated the snapshot summary always available, and also, very easy to generate relevant reports after the event. ☹We found the new, optional event ticketing function to be confusing and ultimately unnecessary. We knew going in that integration with the rest of the platform was still getting sorted out. We simply removed it midway through the process and everything worked fine.
Jeb B.
Jeb B.
July 7, 2021.
Best auction ever! I loved it! From ease of use on our end to ease of use on the donor end. Even when we go back to doing our event live, we will be continuing to use Clickbid. ☺I love using Clickbid. It was super easy to set up and for data-nerds like myself, fun to use. This was our first time doing our silent auction online. We almost doubled what our silent auction did the year before. ☹The only thing I didn't like was I thought that the reporting could have been easier to understand.
Jeanine M.
Jeanine M.
March 9, 2021.
Great for nonprofits We give them an A+! Great for small nonprofits with a limited budget. ☺We love the ease of use and great price for our nonprofit. We used another auction software last year which was very difficult to set up. ClickBid has been a breeze as far as their onboarding and set up. They have been quick to respond to our support requests. The whole process has been pleasant. ☹ClickBid makes it easy by limiting customization. So while I wish we could make our landing page a little more customized, I will gladly trade that for the ease in the rollout.
Alana C.
Alana C.
December 6, 2018.
Thrilled with ClickBid! ☺As a small but growing non-profit, we've been implementing new technology over the past year to streamline our processes. ClickBid is by far the most user friendly, comprehensive system we've put in place recently. Last year for our auction we used a pretty cheap but low functionality text-to-bid software from a local distributor and it was not a pretty experience. We're so thrilled that we found ClickBid and invested in the software! The entire auction went off without a hitch and the system was incredibly user friendly, intuitive, and had everything we needed (plus more) to successfully run our entire fund me appeal, silent auction, live auction, and check-in/check-out process. We paid for a dedicated customer adviser and it has been worth every penny. Their support is fantastic and their team is incredibly knowledgeable about the product as well as responsive to support needs. The average price of our silent auction items went up compared to last year and most importantly our guests had no problem using the system. I can't recommend ClickBid enough! ☹Honestly, none. Worth the price entirely. If I had to pick a con it would be that we only have one event right now that we can use the system for, but hope to have more in the future to make the most of our one-year license.
david b.
david b.
August 7, 2018.
Wasy to use and setup I will be using this again for our next auction. It made it really easy to use and train people on that dont have a lot of computer experience. ☺This software was easy to setup. we finally moved to an online system and will never look back. It was easy to add last minute donations to the auction. It is easy to setup your auctions and pictures. Nice to have people to be able to bid on the auction that could not make it to the event. There customer support was top notch and very helpful. ☹Not much for cons. i wish there was more control over how pictures looked for size and amount of pictures.
Shelley T.
Shelley T.
August 6, 2018.
Great but a little costly for a nonprofit Loved using it for our most recent event for the charity that I volunteer for. ☺I love that we're able to have people bid on items even when they can't attend our auction for nonprofit . I love the fact that it's easy to use the tutorial is great even for those that are less tech savvy. ☹You have to have really good Wi-Fi wherever you're using it or sometimes it gets bogged down. I also wish it was a little less expensive. It's a little pricey for a nonprofit . Also it be great to have more live customer service, not just email.

The Fundraising Event Journey

Our event journey concept is a time tested and proven path to great events.

1. Let's Begin!

It all starts with a clear event site. We call it your virtual venue because every donor’s journey starts here.

Spring Gala Landing Page

2. Everything under one roof

We continue with your ticket page! Collect guests, sponsors, meal choices, discounts and more. Our event fundraising platform will help you keep it all organized.





and more!

3. Stay Organized!

Speaking of organized, you and your multiple users can stay busy managing silent auction items while guests buy tickets and get excited about new information on your virtual venue.

4. Ready to Launch?

Send a mass message to your guests to start bidding on the silent auction a week before your in-person gala. Not having anyone in-person? No sweat. Because, you’re already an online auction. It’s all the same to ClickBid. It is all a mobile bidding silent auction.

Mass Messaging

5.Easy Check In!

ClickBid is so easy to use in-person. Guests can check themselves into the event and provide payment details. Even your volunteers can run your silent auction event with minimal training.

6.Go Live!

Share your live auction and fund-a-need to the world. Let donors bid against attendees in real-time with our zero delay broadcasting!

Live Bidding

Real Time

Zero Delay

Butler - EventStream
Checkout Phone

7. Easy Closeouts!

Easy breezy closeout squeezy. Guests can pay from their phones or you can batch process. This makes pickup lines a distant memory.
Credit Card

8. Data Push

Wrap it all up with a silent auction data push to your donor management software.

Raiser's Edge


and more

Online Donations

9. Keep it Going!

Keep the excitement going! Use your ClickBid license to accept donations all year, through a peer-to-peer campaign or an “A-thon”.

Get a Demo

A Personal Demo!

Is ClickBid for you? The fastest way to find out is with a personalized demo from our expert advisors.

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Add items, register your donors, accept bids/purchases and receive payments with our industry leading mobile platform.

Virtual Venue

Your event website can inform your donors about important updates such as and auction preview, live Instagram feed, item donation form and much much more.


Accept online donations all year long. No need to be running an auction. Your license covers 365 days of text-to-give and online donations campaigns.

Award Winning Support

Our full-time support staff is trained to give organizations the help they need to run great events. Email, chat, webinars and on-call support is always included in your annual license.

Why ClickBid?

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Support We pride ourselves on the quality support we provide all our events. Our support team goes beyond the platform and understands what it’s like to run your event. After all, everyone on our support team have attended numerous events first hand.

Zero Hassle Our pricing, our software and your event are hassle free with ClickBid mobile bidding. Get your event pricing right now, use our software in minutes and translate that all to a great event.

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