Dedicated Advisor Add-On

Access to dedicated support from our in-house professional team.

Per Event Fee: $400

Support Team
Matt Burnell
Support Team
Lisa Stanley

Do I Need a Dedicated Customer Advisor?

ClickBid’s Dedicated Customer Advisor is a seasoned staff member who will personally help you from the start to the finish of your event. This staff member has attended multiple events and supported many clients. Your advisor is meant to help you navigate your auction setup, auction open, event check in, event bidding, event close, checkout and post-event reconciliation. They remove stress!

What’s the difference?

How is adding a DCA to your event different than what is included with your license?

Included with Software License

➔ Initial conference webinar with expert advisor
➔ Real-time chat during business hours
➔ Email support tickets to expert staff
➔ Critical “Day of event” Phone Support
➔ Admin training videos
➔ Extensive knowledge base of articles

Included with Dedicated Customer Advisor

➔ All features included with initial license PLUS
➔ An expert advisor dedicated to your event
➔ Personalized and prioritized support
➔ Multiple webinars and/or conference calls

But Do I NEED to Upgrade?

Here are some examples of who we think should consider a DCA.

First​ ​time​ ​users​ ​of​ ​mobile​ ​bidding

Transitioning from paper to electronic bidding requires multiple steps. Added meetings and walkthroughs you get with DCA would greatly benefit your committee and your guests. We recommend a getting started webinar, a volunteer training webinar, a post-event webinar and an auction flow meeting.

Multiple​ ​committees/teams

If you have multiple people and/or groups working on your auction, you can benefit from multiple scheduled meetings with a DCA. For instance, your sponsor committee can meet with your DCA to discuss ways to promote a sponsor while your auction procurement team can focus in on how to import and manage auction items.

Time to Kick the Tires

The best way to learn how ClickBid can help your charity this year is to have a personal tour from one of our team members. Learn the ropes and get insights from our veteran experts. Our team has spent years in the industry and on-site so our experience is first-hand.

Summer Fundraising!!

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