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Managing fundraising events can be challenging — we get that. There are so many things to keep track of. Any setback can feel like it could jeopardize the whole event.

At ClickBid, we’re dedicated to helping nonprofits overcome their challenges. Since 2002, it’s been our focus to help nonprofits raise awareness, strengthen donor relationships, and enable year-round giving opportunities to raise more money.

But how does ClickBid enable nonprofits to make it to the million-dollar milestones?

Introducing Success Stories — stories from nonprofits and charities on how they’re managing their auctions, reaching more people, and raising more money.

Success Story: Riverside Foundation Partners with ClickBid to Transform Healthcare in Eastern Virginia

The Riverside Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the Riverside Health System. Established in 1915, it has since expanded to make healthcare more accessible to the local community. Its mission is to care for others as they would care for those they love — and it’s that mission that drives them to support so many health, education, and community programs. Because the Riverside Foundation is a nonprofit, it relies on philanthropic support to attract and retain the best physicians and clinicians, invest in cutting-edge technology, and continue serving the community.

Partners | Lamoreaux & Associates

Visit Lamoreaux & Associates About Lamoreaux & Associates Lamoreaux & Associates is dedicated to supporting nonprofit agencies and charitable causes reach and surpass its fundraising

Success Story: Turning Disability into Ability – Al Sigl Community of Agencies Partners with ClickBid

Every day, millions of people around the world with special needs face challenges due to barriers to accessibility, making it difficult for them to complete daily tasks and participate fully in society. In Rochester, New York, there exists a group of people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these individuals and their families. Thanks to Al Sigl Community of Agencies, children and adults with special needs within the Rochester area find support, resources, and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Partners | OnPointe Consulting

Visit OnPointe Consulting About OnPointe Consulting With over 20 years of experience in the auction fundraising space, Danielle Brousseau, Founder and Managing Director of OnPointe

Partners | LIFE Event Staffing

Visit LIFE Event Staffing About LIFE Event Staffing LIFE Event Staffing is a staffing agency specializing in providing on-demand staffing and services to clients utilizing

Partners | Outside the Box Productions

Visit Outside the Box Productions About Outside the Box Productions Outside the Box Productions is a full-service event planning and production company including auction management

Partners | Strategic Charity Auctions

Visit Strategic Charity Auctions About Strategic Charity Auctions Strategic Charity Auctions is your complete event support solution from pre-event consulting, offering item procurement advice, strategizing

Partners | Stagetime Productions

Visit Stagetime Productions About Stagetime Productions Stagetime Productions is a full service event management and production company, producing corporate meetings, gala fundraisers, conferences, and outdoor

Partners | HGA Fundraising

Visit HGA Fundraising About HGA Fundraising Since HGA’s inception, they have focused on providing the lowest-cost auction items and experiences in fundraising along with the