ClickBid Release Notes – 6.o

Enhancements We have added several Item Types to the system to accommodate more scenarios. Here is a list of all of our items types with a brief description of each: Live – this type is intended for live auction items … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.8

Features: Spread the am/pm love around the rest of the system (no more 24hr times), including: Item bid history Bidder bid history Bids over time report Bid history report Event sales Event payments View ticket sales Sales data report Audit … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.7

Features Mass Message Ticketed Guests with Link to Become Bidders – you can now send the [bdr] link to a filter called ‘Ticketed Guests no Bidder Number’. When clicked, this link will create a bidder number and take them to … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.6

Enhancements Added Priority Payment Systems credit processor (name may be changed at some point to Reli-Bid or MX Merchant). We are no longer sending a welcome text when the bidapp/checkin page is completed. We removed the full screen background menu … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.5

Enhancements Manage Bidders is now a single page with auto save (like manage items or landing page content) Auction Settings is now auto save Appeal Display is now auto save Leaderboard is now auto save Clear Payments has been added … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.4.4

Enhancements For the welcome text message and text bidders, we are attempting to pad either side of [u] and [chk] with spaces as text is entered. We may not be able to avoid this if text is copied and pasted … Continued

Mobile Bidding Training: Keep Your Foot on the Gas

With your event winding down, there’s no need to wind down your fundraising. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to gather your data from the event and use it strategically. In this article I’ve collected a few ways to use … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.4.3

Enhancements Outbid text messages and email messages were updated to start using our “bidly” style links.  The text message was also updated to remove “$” from being used in a message, as this seemed to be causing issues for some … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.4.2

Enhancements On the bidding site, when registering for a new bidder number, we now validate the credit card before creating the bidder record. If the validation fails, the user is returned to the form to correct the credit card info … Continued

Mobile Bidding Training: Ready for the Fund-A-Need

Running a successful Fund-A-Need or Raise-the-Paddle is about being ready, having a great auctioneer who can work with an audience, and setting a plan so details aren’t missed. In my experience through the years I have seen some very successful … Continued