ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1.125

Enhancements Ticket page can now have tickets and types re-ordered using Custom CSS. Display cards updated to fit text within template spaces when descriptions and exceptions are long. Bidding site updated to re-size the header so that organization name, bidder … Continued

I Run, But I’m Not a Runner.

About two years ago, I finally relented to my friend’s endless invites to join his trail running group. I didn’t like the idea of moving faster than a walk, sweating, and talking to people (I’m an introvert). However, what pushed … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1.120

Enhancements Processing for Reli-Bid updated to modernized logic Register to bid Bidapp Edit user (when a password exists) Bidapp checkout Bidapp checkin Bidapp add a card Butler updating a bidder Butler checkout Batch checkout CSS change to help with allowing … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.1

Enhancements Item Donor Thank You letters can now be generated from within the system. There are numerous mail merge codes and once the letters are generated, they can be individually edited before printing/saving to pdf. In Butler, it is now … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 6.o

Enhancements We have added several Item Types to the system to accommodate more scenarios. Here is a list of all of our items types with a brief description of each: Live – this type is intended for live auction items … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.8

Features: Spread the am/pm love around the rest of the system (no more 24hr times), including: Item bid history Bidder bid history Bids over time report Bid history report Event sales Event payments View ticket sales Sales data report Audit … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.7

Features Mass Message Ticketed Guests with Link to Become Bidders – you can now send the [bdr] link to a filter called ‘Ticketed Guests no Bidder Number’. When clicked, this link will create a bidder number and take them to … Continued

ClickBid Release Notes – 5.6

Enhancements Added Priority Payment Systems credit processor (name may be changed at some point to Reli-Bid or MX Merchant). We are no longer sending a welcome text when the bidapp/checkin page is completed. We removed the full screen background menu … Continued