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ClickBid 9.3.210917 Release

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  1. Quantity Items now have to have 1 Quantity and For Price before the item can be saved.
    • The first row will appear as soon as the item type is set to Quantity
    • If at least 1 “Quantity” and 1 “For Price” is not filled in when clicking the Complete and Go Back button you will see the following popup.
  2. When signing up for a new admin sample items are created. The two quantity items (Sign-up party #1 and Raffle Ticket) will have preset quantities.

  3. Ticket purchase receipts have been updated to include Fair Market Value even if it is set to $0. Any configured ticket page comments and the purchaser’s answers have been added below the total on the receipt as well.
  4. Changed the Shortcode name under Sections A-D to Embed EventStream.


Issues Resolved:

  1. Sample Items closing date defaults to 30 days from the date the admin was created for a Demo/new admin unless the event date during sign-up is closer than 30 days, then it uses the specified closing date.
  2. Items > Manage Donors: The donated item name is showing for a given donor when imported on the Items import spreadsheet on Manage Items.
  3. Donations/Text-to-Give > Manage Donations: if an organization sent the resend link to an incomplete donor, the resent date is once again showing the correct date (most recent date that the link was resent).
  4. Outbid notice link via text or push notifications is once again loading the specific item so the bidder can bid again.

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