You bet. We send real-time outbid notices via text to ensure reliable delivery. We are also adding “shortcode failover” support for those guests who do not receive messages from our dedicated shortcode. For guests who do not have a smartphone, volunteers can easily lookup a guest and help them track their bids. We also support Max Bidding to let guests “set it and forget it”. These are bids that our system will increase as others bid against them. Lastly, we have a projectable leaderboard display that rotates auction item high bids so guests can browse the activity and be reminded to keep bidding.

The vast majority of your guests will use their phones for the entire mobile bidding process. That includes pre-event check-in, bidding, payment and check-out. Those guests who do not have a mobile device can seek assistance from a volunteer using our painless ClickBid Butler event tool. By encouraging pre-event check-in (think 24 hour early check-in for airlines), your guests arrive at your event ready to bid.

Yes it is. Our entire application lives on a private network isolated in the cloud from any other infrastructure. Tight access policies manage requests in and out. We protect against OWASP Top 10 threats.

Regarding guest’s credit card data, we adhere to the latest PCI standards and leverage the latest technology to protect payment data. All payment data is encrypted and passed directly to our third party PCI compliant partners for the safest possible transfer (using “hosted fields” technology). This helps avoid a common man-in-the-middle threat that can siphon data as it passes through non-compliant networks. When picking a mobile bidding platform to handle your payments, this is a critical piece of securing your guest’s credit cards.

Every account holder at ClickBid is assigned a customer service representative. Our initial license comes with an event planning webinar meeting and continual email support. Your representative will stay in touch and review your event to help you avoid pitfalls. They will also provide best practices on silent auction events using mobile bidding. If you need more assistance, you can add on phone and priority support to get even more from your managed support representative.

It is also important to note that your event always comes with event day phone support. If you have questions, we are there to pick up the phone and answer them.

Well, we can’t speak for every silent auction software company but ClickBid is just $795. An entire event with managed support for only $795. There are no limits to bidders, items, totals and payments either. Signup is easy and can be done online.

You can also pick and choose to add on features specific to your needs such as ticket and landing pages, mass messaging and higher levels of support. However, everything you need to run a top end auction is included in our flat license fee. Our rule of thumb is to use last year’s auction total, add 20% (typically it is much higher with mobile bidding but we try to be very conservative) and then subtract $795. That is what you can expect to increase your auction totals in the first year!

Mobile bidding is the process of bidding on auction items, multi-sale, blind items and raffle items from your mobile device. Mobile bidding replaces traditional paper auctions by providing easy-to-use bidding from electronic devices. This vastly improves your auction totals because guests can bid from anywhere without standing in line or fighting for position at the final minute. You can also benefit from pre-bidding (which has helped gather as much as 40% of your auction goal before the event) and remote bidding for guests who cannot attend.

ClickBid uses a high capacity data center to manage all bidding activity, guests and account information. Our site exists on a cloud infrastructure – the same one that hosts Netflix, Airbnb and the CDC. Multiple servers share the load of large spikes in traffic so downtime is virtually eliminated. ClickBid also performs real-time backups of all user, bidder and item data. During your event, ClickBid offers the use of silent auction bid sheets as a backup precaution. Bid sheets can be generated with the latest bidding information and printed in the event of a network or power failure.

During your event, Guests can access their data via their own smartphone data plans (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc) thereby minimizing any one individual load on a network. If WiFi is available or if ClickBid provides WiFi access, guests can use this as a secondary method for accessing their bidding data.

We take privacy and security very seriously at ClickBid. All our application pages use the latest 256bit secure encryption technology. This protects our data from interception during transfer. Within the ClickBid system we store all our data in secure databases behind a firewall within our hosting data center. All credit card information is encrypted and stored via our PCI compliant partner. No credit card data ever exists on our servers. We do not (absolutely do not) sell or share any contact or personal information outside of the event for which it was gathered. Our data is only viewable by the organization which has licensed our software. Each organization is responsible for their data and has no access to other data gathered by other ClickBid users.

Lastly, ClickBid databases are backed up in real-time and all our customers have access to their data via export routines within their personal and secure admin account.

Each organization requires a one-year license. Unlike many companies ClickBid does NOT charge percentage fees based on your auction totals. ClickBid doesn’t penalize you for doing well at auction. For organizations using mobile bidding more than once in a year, ClickBid may offer multiple event discounts based on the needs of each event.

Your license does extend one full year from the time of purchase. Therefore, each event can promote their event via a landing page and/or ticket page, use mobile bidding before and during the event and re-use the landing page as a post-event site with pictures, summaries, etc.

We can report on this and many things. Our system currently has a handful of helpful reports for item totals, auction totals, items currently pending payments. Payment totals, etc. We also provide all the data collected at the auction as a group of spreadsheets that you can use in any fashion.

When a bidder logs into the bidding application they can easily view their bidding activity on their ‘My Bids’ page. During the event they can return to an item and increase active bids by clicking the item from this page. Once the silent auction items have closed, the winning bids are shown on the ‘My Bids’ page. With the purchase of the add-on feature ‘Mass Messaging’, you can send text messages directly to winners with instructions on how and where to checkout.

Each item can have it’s own closing time or you can create groups of closing times. This is easily handled in your ClickBid Administrator. Keep in mind that you may want to extend closing times beyond what you have used in a paper auction. Guests can keep bidding through dinner and even during the live auction if you like. Most of our clients choose to close all silent items at the same time. It is also possible to “push” the closing times of all OPEN items in case your event timeline runs longer than expected.

ClickBid can handle very large amounts of traffic through the use of cloud hosting. We also conduct regular load testing to determine what areas can be improved and how an event taxes our servers. At 1200 guests over a 3-5 hour period our servers operate at less than 5% capacity.

Yes, ClickBid will send text messages and email messages to alert a bidder who isn’t currently looking at their phone. This message contains a link that will take the bidder directly back to the detail screen of the item on which they were outbid. The bidder can also stay updated using their ‘My Bids’ page to see their winning bids, items where they are outbid, and their watched items.

Yes. Each item can have a unique bidding increment, starting value, fair market value and closing time.

ClickBid has settings built-into the ClickBid Administrator that let you control every aspect of an item in real-time.

With the purchase of the add-on feature ‘Online Ticket Sales/Pre-Event webpage’, you will receive a customized URL that will allow guests to signup and sign in. You can configure your ticket sales page to handle individual tickets, table tickets, sponsorships, catalog ad sales, underwriting, monetary donations and seating requests. Here is a sample of an online ticket page.

You can also have us set up a Pre-Event webpage to promote your event. Organizations often use this page for providing event information (date/time/pricing/cause/etc), sponsor recognition, auction item preview and linking to our ticket sales page. Here is a sample of a Pre-Event webpage.

Items can be entered as soon as your account is activated. By signing up online you can begin working in your account admin immediately upon purchase. Items can be entered individually or imported from a spreadsheet using the template provided in the admin.

Yes. This is done via the ClickBid Administrator back-office system just like auction items. You can assign bidder numbers, record mobile phone numbers, email addresses, etc. When you have upgraded to using ClickBid’s Online Ticket Sales, you can enter RSVP records so your guest, meal and ticket sales counts are accurate in ClickBid.

Yes. Your auction is based on your global settings and individual item settings. That way your event can be live but certain items remain unavailable (live auction items).

When you enter auction items you can enter a donor name and notes. You can then sort them and find out what they have donated to your auction.

Each item can have an unlimited description associated with it. You may also include a product photo for quick references. Items may also have certain restrictions that you need to call out such as black out dates for travel. We have a separate field for those elements to help keep those clear to your guests.