Frequently Asked Questions

We conducted our first electronic auction in 2002 for a hospice group in Grand Rapids, MI. We are the oldest and first in mobile bidding.

We have easily worked with thousands of unique customers from 2002 to today. Annually we conduct over 2,000 events for our mobile bidding customers.

Our offices are in Norton Shores, MI. We also have offices in Detroit, MI and sales representatives throughout the US.

We offer a 30-day, free trial (no credit card required) of our software. The demo is limited to 10 bidders and 10 items and works great for board meetings. To sign up click here.

Our flat pricing starts at $795. We do not take a percentage for any sales including live auctions, raffles and raise-the- paddle. We charge a flat 3.5% credit card transaction fee for Amex, Visa, Disc, MasterCard. This includes the card fees, per transaction fees, card storage fees (for pre-event capture), etc. Nothing is ever added to this fee.

$795 – 1-year license: Landing page, unlimited bidders and items, unlimited text-to-give campaigns, Facebook donation forms, website donate button, remote phone support the day of your event, phone/web training session, customer service including email support, live chat, reconciliation support, data archiving, second chance auction and online auction support.

$200 – 1-year Ticket Page: tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, donations, meal selections, discount codes 

$200 – 1-year Enhanced Landing Page: pre-event/post-event completely branded by your organization. 

$400 – per event, Dedicated Customer Advisor: An enhanced level of support with a named representative that is available by phone, email, chat and webinar for your event prep and support. 

$400 – 1-year Mass Messaging (text/email). Ability to send mass text/email messages before, during and after an event to guests. Filters allow for selection of groups of recipients (such as winners). 

$500 – EventStream – Real-time in app broadcasting. Ability to stream video without delay to your bidders while they bid. No need for multiple screens or devices. No delay means it’s great for live auctions and paddle raise events.

We use a third-party payment processor to handle our card storage systems. We use a payment token that when validated will process a payment stored at our PCI compliant partner provider. Card data is never stored on ClickBid resources or at any ClickBid facility.

Yes, we are a turnkey solution for your mobile bidding and online donation needs. Our initial $795 license is meant to allow you to conduct an event with unlimited items (silent, live, raise-the-paddle, raffle, wine-pull, etc.) and bidders. Your account also allows you to receive continual customer support to help you prepare for your event in a stress-free environment.

We work with events that use bid paddles, but most of our clients do not. We are fully capable of working with either scenario, but we do not have a service that provides any physical paddle.

We do not provide devices for events. It is our position that device rental is an expense that does not yield a proper return. If we encounter a guest without a smartphone, it is typically a choice they have made and a device for them would not be a proper solution. Instead we recommend having a volunteer(s) act as a bidding concierge to assistant those guests.

Ensuring your event runs stress-free is key to our service delivery. That’s why we work to keep ClickBid Mobile Bidding as crazy simple as possible. While the vast majority of our events leverage their volunteers and our dedicated customer advisor service, some events require on-site support. That’s why we have partnered with Life Event Staffing to provide the highest quality of dedicated charity gala professionals.  

Absolutely. With exception of selling tickets, you can embed links, buttons and forms (item donations for instance).

On event day you have phone access to our tech support and engineering team. They will assist you with any needs that you have, and they are constantly monitoring resources.

Yes, we offer a leaderboard, Appeal/Fund-a-Need display in real-time and closing time countdown for your event.

We provide post-event reports that outline sales, processed payments, payment types, pending payments, totals by bidder, totals by item, etc.

Yes. There are several ways to integrate table/seating. If you are using our ticketing system, you can manage seating assignments with your guests as they register. You can also update bidders with seating assignments as you get closer to your event. Lastly, you can bulk upload a spreadsheet of table assignments to update bidders in one step. 

During an event, guests arrive and check-in to the event. When a guest is checked-in using our Event Butler, we generate a text message that is delivered immediately to a guest. This message contains a seating assignment if available. The bidding interface also displays a bidder’s table assignment as well.

Yes. We have multi-sale options within our system. You can sell a specific limit per item. It can also be changed if more become available.

Yes, you are welcome to run a pre-auction for any length of time you choose. You may also run an online only auction and second chance auction to re-list unbid items.

Yes, we send text messages and email messages. This can be turned on/off as needed.

Absolutely. Guests can pay right from their phone. At checkout volunteers are able to view the guest’s paid bidder statement.

Yes. We partner with a PCI compliant card processor to secure and store cards for post-event payment. This ensures the highest level of security and the lowest cost to our non-profit organizations. You can require credit card information during registration. We feel that capturing a credit card upon registration is the fastest and least intrusive way to get payment information versus requiring card data when bidding.

If a guest does not have a smartphone, we recommend utilizing bid concierge service. Several engaging volunteers can mingle with guests to check-up on activity and help as needed.

Yes, using auction preview on your landing page items, images and descriptions, exceptions can be viewed.

You can share your event landing page, online donation form and ticket page with the major social media outlets. In addition, you can share your leaderboard, appeal (fund-a-need) and individual auction items on social media.

The ClickBid application is fully responsive. This means that a user can bid from a desktop, smart TV, tablet or phone. If you can get online with that device, you are able to bid.

ClickBid has a referral program that rewards you with a free annual license. Simply help us activate three new annual licenses, during your first year with ClickBid, and your next year is free! As we grow, we want to work with great charities like yours. We also want to keep prices low. Your help with referrals ensures that our overhead stays focused on support and development and that your favorite charities partner with ClickBid. And, for each referral that signs on with ClickBid, your organization will receive $100.00.

3 year aggreement

For customers who wish to grow with ClickBid and use our best-in-class solutions for multiple years, we now offer a reward. ClickBid is happy to announce a 3 year incentive that locks in pricing.

What this means is that you can opt into our 3 year incentive and know that your pricing will not change. As the industry matures, pricing can shift and adjust. With this new opportunity, your annual license is guaranteed never to increase for the term of your incentive.

In addition, this incentive is penalty free. This means that if you choose to forego an event in the future, there’s no fee or penalty assessed. You pay nothing. Our goal is to continue providing you with great service and pricing without the pressure of additional fees.

To learn more about this great new service, speak with your account manager,  contact us   

Free 2nd Year

Help Spread the Word

ClickBid is also offering a referral program that rewards you with a free annual license. Simply help us activate three new annual licenses and your next year is free! As we grow, we want to work with great charities like yours. We also want to keep prices low. Your help with referrals ensures that our overhead stays focused on support and development and that your favorite charities partner with ClickBid.

To refer a charity, simply fill our referral form or contact your account manager today.

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