Mobile Bidding Software That Helps You Raise More!

ClickBid Mobile Bidding SoftwareUse the power and availability of the internet to raise money for your auction. By using mobile bidding and opening your auction a week early you can raise as much as 40% of your auction goal before the day of your event. Not only does this help get bids rolling in, it helps guests pre-register, pre-check in and become acclimated with bidding. Each of these benefits reduces stress for you and your team so you can focus on guests who haven’t pre-bid and may have questions.

But an online auction doesn’t just mean pre-event bidding. Maybe you only want to run your auction online. Alumni associations, schools, and national charities may have constituents across the country and wish to bring them together digitally to raise money. Unlike eBay and other online auctions, ClickBid lets you focus on your donors without losing them to a massive network of charities listing competing items. We provide you with a private auction for your valued donors. Lastly, you can leave your auction online following your event to help clear out your inventory with a second chance auction. Let guests relive the fun they had by picking up a few more items they missed at your gala.

Mobile Bidding Features

What Sets Our Software Apart From The Competition

  • 1. Easy Bidding
    No apps, no downloads. Just tap a link and you’re bidding.
  • 2. Mobile Check-in and Check-out
    Smooth out the start and finish of your event. The simpler the software, the less manpower you need running your event.
  • 3. Mass Messaging
    Send updates, reminders and notices to your guests throughout the event.
  • 4. Fund-A-Need Display
    Project your fund-a-need total on screen and donors raise their paddles.
  • 5. Event Landing Page
    Promote your event and charity with a custom landing page.
  • 6. Ticket Sales
    Sell tickets, sponsorships, underwriting and donations.
  • 7. Online Donations & Text-to-Give
    Let donors give quickly and easily.
  • 8. Year-Long Events
    Run up to 4 events with your license. Now you can have your gala, spring fling, golf outing and online auction in one easy package.
  • 9. Secure
    We take payments seriously. That’s why we use the latest payment features to ensure PCI compliance and safety.
  • 10. Proven Software
    Our mobile bidding software is proven and battle tested from years of use. Thousands of events have passed through our software so you can rest assured it can handle any event.

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What Exactly Is Mobile Bidding, And How Will it Improve Your Event?

Mobile bidding is a modern twist version of paper auctions. Mobile bidding allows your guests to use their mobile devices to electronically bid on items. The use of mobile auction software has been proven to increase efficiency, reduce the manpower needed to run an event, and it can even raise up to 40% more for your cause with the implementation of pre-event check-ins and donations.

Another amazing feature of Mobile bidding is the fact that your guests don’t have to physically show up to the auction. Your guests can remotely join your event from anywhere in the world from their smartphone or computer! There are no more lines and those last minute fights for items can go crazy because the bids can all come in at once without jockeying for position. ClickBid’s revolutionary mobile bidding software is designed to help you raise more money for your cause. Our software helps you cut costs by reducing the size of your staff and increase the number of bids coming in to maximize the profitability of your event.

ClickBid’s Mobile Bidding Price – Upfront, Honest Pricing

ClickBid is proud to offer our mobile bidding software at a much more affordable rate than the competition. Our pricing is upfront with no surprises. Our full Annual Even License starts at just $795 and includes unlimited bidders and items, as well as mobile bidding support for 4 events! This also includes text-to-give and online donations for the entire year.

If you’re looking for something more simplistic, we also offer our Appeal Only License for Raise-The-Paddle auctions at only $500. To learn more about our Raise-The-Paddle style auction software, click the button below.

How Can Mobile Bidding Improve Your Event?

Mobile Bidding DashboardThe technology has constructed a better event experience for both guests and staff. We understand that events speak volumes to your constituents. And thanks to mobile bidding, an efficient and seamless event is more achievable than ever. The once inevitable stress of long lines or bidders crowding over a single item is now eliminated. Additionally, purchases and payment data are automatically uploaded and stored within your software. Simultaneously, ClickBid’s PCI compliant software goes the extra mile to provide an added peace of mind. Instead of calculations and data input drawing your staff’s attention away from the event, mobile bidding keeps you focused on what’s important

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