ClickBid Mobile Bidding Software

Use the power and availability of the internet to raise money for your auction.

By opening your auction a week early you can raise as much as 40% of your auction goal before the day of your event. Not only does this help get bids rolling in, it helps guests pre-register, pre-check in and become acclimated with bidding. Each of these benefits reduces stress for you and your team so you can focus on guests who haven’t pre-bid and may have questions.

Tips to Run a Successful Online Mobile Auction with Mobile Bidding

But an online auction doesn’t just mean pre-event bidding. Maybe you only want to run your auction online. Alumni associations, schools, and national charities may have constituents across the country and wish to bring them together digitally to raise money. Unlike eBay and other online auctions, ClickBid lets you focus on your donors without losing them to a massive network of charities listing competing items. We provide you with a private auction for your valued donors.

Lastly, you can leave your auction online following your event to help clear out your inventory with a second chance auction. Let guests relive the fun they had by picking up a few more items they missed at your gala.

Sample Landing Pages

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