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We have migrated our Salesforce Integration from BidKit 1 to BidKit 2. Salesforce users currently using BidKit 1 can continue to use BidKit 1 through the end of their event or immediately start using BidKit 2. New or renewing ClickBid users are advised to start with BidKit 2 for Salesforce integration.

  •  Import Bidders from Salesforce to ClickBid
    • Select a campaign to import contacts into ClickBid from Salesforce or show all.
    • New columns/filters include Phone, Email, Salesforce ID, and Imported.
    • The “Imported” column can filter to show only “Not Yet” or “Imported” contacts from Salesforce.
  • Export/Update Bidders from ClickBid to Salesforce
    • Columns/Filters have been added for Company, State, Salesforce ID, and Operation.
    • For each bidder, the operations column provides “Add new contact in Salesforce” or “Link to Existing Salesforce Contact”.
    • Once bidders have been exported, if a phone number or email address is changed in the ClickBid admin they can be updated. Bidders and Salesforce accounts can also be unlinked if needed.
  • Export Sales from ClickBid to Salesforce
    • Exports Auction Item sales, online donation/Text-To-Give, and Ticket page purchases to Opportunities in Salesforce. 
    • Allows for matching up to existing Salesforce accounts before exporting or will attempt to match during the export.
    • Choose a campaign and a field for Fair Market Value.
    • Payment type will populate under the description of the details page in the opportunity in Salesforce.
  • Activity log lists any fail errors for imports and exports. 

Before you connect your Salesforce integration in BidKit 2 you will see the green connect button. Once your BidKit 2 Salesforce integration is connected the green button will turn to blue and say connected. There will be a new Salesforce tab located in the left Dashboard column for you to start using. (as seen in the following images)

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