Event Ticket Page

Simplify your event's ticket sales.

Annual Ticket Page: $200

A key factor in choosing the right ticketing system involves the ability to share or send data to your mobile bidding platform. This is why we created our ticket page. When tickets are sold using ClickBid, your sales data is instantly available to you via your admin. You can move purchasers into your auction with a single click and confirm. You can assign tables, keep a head count, and let your purchasers pick meals. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to sell tickets online without leaving you with a mess of data.

Sample Ticket Page

Key Ticket Page Features

Every ClickBid ticket page comes with the elements you need to properly organize, sell and manage your pre-event. These features include:

  • Multiple Ticket Types
  • Multiple Sponsorships
  • Multiple Underwriting
  • Online Donation (“I can’t attend but want to give”)
  • Discount Codes
  • Ticket Holder Details (name, email, phone)
  • Meal Choices
  • Quality Available – Sold Out
  • “Please Seat Me With” Suggestions
  • Customizable Content on Ticket Form
  • Customizable Receipt
  • Table Assignments
  • Follow Up Emails for Guests to Provide Their Own Data
  • Easily Convert Ticketed Guests into Bidders
  • Reporting Details

Time to Kick the Tires

The best way to learn how ClickBid can help your charity this year is to have a personal tour from one of our team members. Learn the ropes and get insights from our veteran experts. Our team has spent years in the industry and on-site so our experience is first-hand.

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